Your gateway to Europe

Do you want to grow as a startup in Europe, África or América? 

Internationalize your activity with the best finances and lowest taxes and costs in Europe.

Is your company looking to expand and to explore new markets in Europe, África or América? Then you need a soft-landing program.

MentorDay, is one of the most important non profit accelerators in Spain. We organize softlanding program over an intensive week, where you can meet 70 experts and advisors selected according you needs.

The startup accelerator, «mentor ACELERA week» has organized more than 40 editions in Tenerife by the accelerator Mentor Day, to accelerate growth and successful launch of numerous startups and scaleups.

¿Who can participate?

Anyone with responsibility in consolidated companies in their countries and in an internationalization process, can be selected.

Selection process: fill the inscription form in the website. Then, we will contact for an interview and evaluation of your needs. After that, you will have to complete your business canvas and revenue forecast and we will allocate the best edition for your agenda.

Launch your startup with mentor ACELERA week #MAW

#MAW gives you the opportunity to share a space with 15 of the most innovative entrepreneurs in your industry. Along with 70 selected specialists, we will help you to move forward with your project in a very intense week.

Download our Internationalization Guide (currently only in Spanish)

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The Mentor Day softlanding program is held every month. It is an intensive 1-week program, called softlanding followed by a second week of business formal contacts which have been scheduled during first week. We will work in your commercial agenda to schedule the best contacts in your preferred regions.

This help companies who want to expand in Europe, Africa and America through a specialised and highly effective program. Your starting point is Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) allowing you to take advantage of the best taxation system worldwide.


The program is aimed at full-time entrepreneurs who have launched high-impact projects with a proven business model in their country of origin and which are in the process of internationalization.

The contribution of innovative solutions to important problems and the development of advanced technologies will be valued.

Startups, scaleups and entrepreneurs residing outside of Spain, especially those who need a resident visa (Latin America, Eastern European countries …) and Spanish entrepreneurs who reside abroad and wish to return to boost their companies in Spain or launch in Europe, África and América.



Those selected will have access to: Workspace, Mentoring Program, individual advice from 70 experts, specialists customized to their needs, direct access with 30 sources of funding, Networking with 200 companies, scheduling of a commercial agenda in those regions selected by the participant, help in obtaining the visa for entrepreneur for non-residents and presentation to investors.

  • STRONG ACCELERATION (Google Sprint Model) during only two weeks.
  • Facilities to obtain a resident visa.
  • FINANCING. Access to all existing funding, more than 200 European, Spanish, and regional sources.
  • ADVICE. Direct contact with 70 experts and specialists selected according to your needs.

Why Tenerife?

Because it is the European region with the lowest taxes, the best costs and the highest financial resources.

  • The best taxation in Europe. (ZEC corporate tax 4%, value added tax 7%, deductions R & D 75%). ZEC is the Special Economic Zone, which means that the Canary Islands receive tax privileges to compensate for the problems associated with being located in the European ultraperiphery and insularity.
  • High financing, subsidies up to 60%, special participative loans SODECAN
  • Qualified and abundant labor (high rates of unemployment)
  • Overall low living costs
  • European quality standard in health, education, safety
  • The best climate in the world
  • Direct connections by low cost aircraft with 140 cities
  • Only free soft landing program that helps the establishment of new job creation companies




Complete the acceleration week in Tenerife.

Share accommodation and meals with the other startups (total cost of the week 175 euros).

Pay your plane ticket and send proof.

Being over 18 years.

Conversationally fluent in Spanish.


Be generating income in the country of origin with an established business model.

High potential for job creation.

Innovative character in Europe. Technological contribution.

Technical, economic and financial feasibility.

Considering the possibility of creating a company or subsidiary in Tenerife.

About us

Mentor Day is the first private and independent accelerator in Spain, non-profit made up of 350 business people and professional volunteers. They accumulate more than 25 years of experience helping entrepreneurs,

without taking any participation, or charging anything, for free!

with the sole objective that entrepreneurs successfully launch their businesses to create quality employment.

Experience endorsed by the 34 vertical acceleration programs organized in Tenerife that have facilitated the successful start-up of 313 new companies (check companies) and more than 2.000 entrepreneurs attended from 17 countries.

how does it work?

How to apply

1. Fill in the registration form

In the registratio, which is completely free, identify all your needs well so that we can select the appropriate experts to cover them.

2. Do it ASAP

The sooner you register, the more chances of being chosen.

The places are very limited (15 maximum per program).

We accept the requests as they comply with all the conditions..

3. The stage of your proyect

Additionally to the date of application, we also take into consideration the current stage of your proyects’ business lifecycle, including innovation and growth. The further along, the better.

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