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An entrepreneur cannot assume all the functions, he/she has to learn to delegate to others, setting objectives and monitoring. What do I delegate? How do I delegate?

There are many entrepreneurs who, out of mistrust or to save costs, want to carry out all the functions of their new company, and this is a mistake. We think that nobody will do things in exactly the same way as we do and this strangles growth.

Many things can be delegated to people who will not do it in the same way as you, probably not as perfectly, but will have the same result in the end. Each and every one of those things must be delegated!!!! In fact, you have to delegate. You cannot move forward without delegating some responsibilities and tasks to make room for new and more valuable ones.

What do I delegate?

From the activities detected in the preparation of the CANVAS, you must delegate everything that is not Core to your business. Activities that do not add value to the customer. You have to focus on those activities that give you your competitive advantage, your differentiation. Selling to customers in the validation phase cannot be delegated.

How do I delegate?

By looking for people who can perform the function you want to pass on, training them to empower them, setting realistic objectives, motivating them to achieve results (effectiveness) with minimum effort (efficiency) and establishing a monitoring and control system that allows you to act only by exception.

The art of delegation in seven steps:

  1. Define what needs to be done.
  2. Make sure that the person to whom you delegate the task fully understands what they need to do.
  3. Explain why it needs to be done.
  4. It teaches how it should be done, without micro-managing.
  5. Make sure the person understands the process of how to do this.
  6. Set a date for completion or progress to be made.
  7. Make sure there is agreement on the date or time and method of delivery.




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