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Letterboxing is a direct marketing technique consisting of the distribution of printed advertising or information in mailboxes in a given geographical area. This technique is used to promote products or services and to reach a specific audience in a massive and direct way. Letterboxing is the introduction of printed advertising material in the mailboxes of those who are considered potential consumers. It is an action or technique used in the direct marketing (+). It is often used by retailers to attract customers within their catchment area. Supermarket chains, as well as large supermarkets, regularly place their flyers in mailboxes in their catchment area, highlighting the week's or month's promotions. 

For new small businesses that have their customers in close proximity, this is a technique that can work very well. We recommend you to invest a little to try and test this technique. channel (+). Letterboxing is also used by new establishments that want to promote themselves in the area, generally by offering discounts or launch promotions. Some professionals also apply this promotional technique and publicise their services and prices by placing various advertising material in the mailboxes around them. This is the case of plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, cleaning companies, etc. Letterboxing is But for small print runs and test runs, you can rely on volunteers to help you!!!

Some residents' associations try to defend themselves against the massive reception of advertising by prohibiting letterboxing or by placing a communal letterbox at the entrance to the building or in the courtyard, in order to deposit advertising. Nowadays, in the context of the Internet, there is also talk of "cyber-boxing", which is the delivery of advertisements via e-mail. The sampling variant, as the name suggests, consists of distributing a small quantity of the product or sample so that the customer has the possibility to try it before buying it. According to research by the Brand Activation Association (BAA) around 69% of customers who take a sample indicate that samples influence their final purchase.


The first thing is to analyse the actual population data, using our census database, we can find out the number of dwellings and flats per locality so that we can tell you how many advertising leaflets you need.

Steps to start a letterboxing campaign

In order to carry out an effective letterboxing strategy, it is important to consider the following aspects:

  1. Target audience segmentation: Identify the target audience to be reached and define the demographic, socio-economic and geographic characteristics to select the delivery area.
  2. Designing creativity: The design of the creative should be attractive, clear and concise in order to attract the attention of the recipient and motivate them to read the printed information.
  3. Selection of the delivery area: Select the delivery area according to the segmentation of the target audience, taking into account population density, socio-economic level, consumer habits and competition.
  4. Choice of format and type of paper: Select the format and type of paper that best suits the company's needs and budget. You can use brochures, flyers, catalogues, among others.
  5. Measuring results: It is important to measure the results of the mailing strategy to evaluate its effectiveness and improve the strategy for future campaigns. Discount codes or coupons that can be redeemed in-store or online can be used to measure the response of the target audience.

In conclusion, eail mailing is an effective direct marketing technique to reach a specific audience in a massive and direct way. It is important to consider target audience segmentation, creative design, selection of the delivery area, format and type of paper, and measurement of results in order to carry out an effective letterboxing strategy.

Practical examples of letterbox advertising

Practical examples of letterbox advertising include:

  1. Discounts and promotions: A fast food company can send out discount coupons by letterboxing in a certain area to attract more customers.
  2. Product launches: a new cosmetics company can send out free samples by mail through letterboxing to raise awareness of its products.
  3. Institutional advertising: A utility can use letterboxing to inform customers about new services and upgrades.
  4. Political campaigns: Politicians can use letterboxing to spread their message and promote their campaigns.
  5. Launch of shops: A new shop can use letterboxing to inform local residents about its opening and offer discount coupons to attract the first customers.
  6. Awareness-raising campaigns: a non-profit organisation can use letterboxing to disseminate important information on social issues and promote public awareness.

In general, letterboxing is a useful marketing tactic for companies seeking to reach a specific target audience in a specific geographic area. However, can also be costly and may generate limited response if not properly implemented. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the costs and benefits before using letterboxing as part of a marketing strategy.

Case for an entrepreneur to practice with letterboxing

Juan has set up his new home cleaning service company in a residential area of the city. He has conducted market research and has identified that his target audience is mainly families with young children and elderly people living in small houses or flats. Juan has decided to carry out a letterboxing campaign in the neighbourhood to publicise his service and attract new customers. He has designed a leaflet with detailed information about the cleaning services he offers, prices and special discounts for new customers. He has also included his telephone number and email address so that potential customers can easily contact him.

To carry out the letterboxing campaign, Juan has contracted a company specialising in the distribution of advertising. He has provided them with a detailed list of the areas and buildings where he wants the leaflet to be delivered, as well as the dates on which he wants the leaflet to be delivered. Following the mailing campaign, Juan has noticed an increase in enquiries and requests for quotes from new clients interested in his home cleaning services. In addition, he has noticed that some of his existing clients have recommended his service to their neighbours and acquaintances in the neighbourhood, which has helped to increase his company's visibility.

Juan has evaluated the costs of the letterboxing campaign and concluded that it has been a profitable investment in terms of return on investment (ROI) and that it has helped to increase the visibility and recognition of his brand in the neighbourhood. It has therefore decided to repeat the letterboxing campaign in the future and to complement it with other digital marketing tactics to continue to attract new customers and retain existing ones.





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