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Mr. Ranader is about a sophisticated PromptThis prompt is a very precise way of acting as a mentor for our learning. This prompt allows you to configure the depth with which you want to learn a certain subject, the style of learning, communication, tone and reasoning.

In this way it is not a matter of learning as a teacher has decided that he or she wants to teach us, but that we ourselves shape how we want the process to be in order to get the best results.

Mr. Ranader is a sophisticated Prompt designed to be used in conjunction with the artificial intelligence (see+ TIP) and act as a personalised mentor in our learning process. By copying and pasting the prompt into the artificial intelligence, a set of instructions is activated that allows us to precisely configure the desired learning approach.

The distinguishing feature of Mr. Ranader is its ability to adapt to our individual preferences. We can set the depth with which we want to explore a particular topic, the learning style we find most effective, the type of communication and tone we prefer, as well as the level of reasoning we want to elicit.

This means that we are not limited to learning according to the way a specific teacher has decided to teach. Instead, it is we ourselves who define how we want our learning process to be in order to get the best possible results.

By using Mr. Ranader, we can customise our learning to suit our specific needs, interests and objectives. We can delve deeper into the most relevant aspects of a topic, choose the learning style that suits us best (such as visual, auditory or practical), set a tone of communication that is comfortable for us and select the desired level of reasoning, from a more practical and applied approach to a more theoretical and conceptual one.

Mr. Ranader's flexibility allows us to get a highly personalised learning experience tailored to our individual preferences. We can explore different perspectives, ask specific questions and get detailed and relevant answers. This helps us maximise our study time and gain a deeper understanding of the topics we are addressing.

In short, Mr. Ranader is a highly configurable prompt that allows us to personalise our learning process using artificial intelligence. It gives us the freedom to define our own learning parameters, allowing us to obtain optimal results and an enriching learning experience tailored to our individual needs.

Mr. Manager is a virtual learning and management tool that can help you to have a more structured learning process.

Here are some ways in which Mr. Manager can be useful:

  1. Organisation of content: can help you to organise and structure the learning content into different topics, units or modules. You can create a detailed study plan that allows you to follow a logical sequence of learning.
  2. Progress monitoring: allows you to track your learning progress. You can mark the lessons or concepts you have completed and see how far you have progressed through the course or learning programme. This helps you keep a clear record of your achievements and identify areas where you need more work.
  3. Reminders and tasks: can remind you of deadlines for assignments, projects or exams. You can set personalised reminders to make sure you stick to your commitments and maintain a steady pace of study.
  4. Evaluations and feedback: can provide you with regular assessments to measure your understanding and progress. In addition, you can receive instant feedback on your answers and areas for improvement. This helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses to focus your study more effectively.
  5. Additional resources: can provide you with additional resources, such as further reading, practical exercises, instructional videos or other relevant materials, many of them collected on wikiTIPS. These resources enrich your learning experience and provide you with different perspectives on the concepts you are studying.
  6. Personalised interaction: uses artificial intelligence technologies to adapt to your learning needs and preferences. It can offer you personalised recommendations, suggest additional activities or provide more detailed explanations on specific topics.

In short, Mr. Manager can help you learn in a more structured way by organising content, tracking your progress, offering reminders, providing additional assessments and resources, and adapting to your individual needs. With this tool, you can optimise your study time and make the most of your learning process.




Maria is an entrepreneur who is looking to learn more about digital marketing strategies to boost her business. She has heard about Mr. Ranader and decides to use it to get a more personalised and effective learning approach.

  1. Depth of learning: Maria chooses an intermediate depth, where she wants to get a solid but not overly detailed knowledge on each topic.
  2. Learning style: Maria finds that she learns best visually, so she chooses a learning approach that includes graphs, visual examples and diagrams to aid her understanding.
  3. Communication and tone: Maria prefers a clear and direct communication style, without too much technical language. She would like answers to be concise and easy to understand.
  4. Reasoning: Maria wants to get practical and applied reasoning, focusing on how she can apply digital marketing strategies to her specific business.

Once Maria has set her preferences, she starts asking questions and getting answers from Mr. Ranader. You can ask for advice on how to optimise your website, how to create an effective content strategy or how to use social media to promote your business. Mr. Ranader provides personalised answers tailored to Maria's needs, using the learning style, tone and reasoning she has selected.

Maria also takes advantage of Mr. Ranader's ability to consult additional information from external sources, such as Wikitips, for more details on specific concepts that interest her.

Over time, Maria sees her digital marketing knowledge and skills strengthen as she continues to use Mr. Ranader. She is able to directly apply what she has learned to her business and see positive results in her marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, Maria uses Mr Ranader to personalise her digital marketing learning. By configuring preferences and obtaining answers tailored to her needs, Maria You gain specific and practical knowledge that you can apply directly to your business. This allows you to to move forward on their entrepreneurial path with confidence and success.



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