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Startups have taken a strong foothold in the entrepreneurial environment and in 2013 the unicorn companies. A woman called Aileen Lee (founder of Cowboy Venture) was the The company was given the name "unicorn company". It is a technology company with a value of up to 1 billion at any of its stages during the capital raising process. It is about emerging and innovative businesses with a large market share and very scalable. Thus, these types of companies can grow rapidly and become international, even if they do not yet have a well-established structure.

The name "unicorn" invokes the magical and fantastic character that some see in the success of these companies.

How is it achieved?

These companies are characterised by achieving success with little initial investment. It is a business model usually of B2C companies (+), whose strategies are aimed at the end consumer. Moreover, their emergence is due to social networks. And, with them, they came to consolidate and grow in the financial market. It is common for them to have a privately financed and are not listed on the stock exchange. 


Spain has placed four of its most promising startups among the best startups in the world. 50 European private equity firms with further growth.

  • First of all: we have AlienValut. A Madrid-based IT security firm that triumphs in Silicon Valley with astronomical business figures.
  • On the other hand: Scytl. The world leader in election technology, an example of how information technology can be applied to this field.
  • Another great acquaintance: Wallapop. The "bombshell" of buying and selling on the Internet that revolutionised the sector and is in full expansion.
  • And finally: Carto. A Spanish company that, from one day to the next, makes the leap to the United States offering a product with unlimited projection. It is mapping and graphics based on geolocation.


This group is where the "big league" startups start, with a valuation of USD $ 1 billion. There are great cases like Bolt, Uber's competitor in Europe, which was built by a 25-year-old entrepreneur. Other examples of unicorns include Rappi and Wildlife. Startups (+) with a valuation of more than 1 billion. A unicorn is a mythological creature depicted as a white horse with a horn on its forehead. But in the startup world, the word has a meaning of its own. A 'unicorn' is considered to be a company that is financed by private equity and whose valuation exceeds $1 billion.

The concept was invented by investor Aileen Lee, a former partner at Kleiner Perkins and founder of venture capital firm Cowboy Ventures, in an article published in TechCrunch in 2013. According to Lee's calculations, every year four new companies joined the list of unicorns. What Lee did was to give a catchy name to something that already existed: companies with valuations of more than $1 billion. The name caught on, but it didn't change anything, perhaps it just made a lot more people set their sights on creating a business unicorn. The term unicorn was the first, but the 'bestiary' of startups has been growing!!!




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