Are you an entrepreneur or are you part of an organisation that helps entrepreneurs? At mentorDay we have created a tool that can be very useful for you: WikiTIPS.

WikiTips is a platform for useful and practical content for entrepreneurs. Here you will find guides, tutorials, templates and much more on topics such as finance, marketing, sales, human resources, innovation and technology. Also, on WikiTips, you can also find success stories and experiences of other entrepreneurs that can inspire and motivate you.

What makes WikiTIPS different from other content platforms for entrepreneurs? The answer is simple: the quality of the content.

All contents of WikiTips are developed by experts in each subject and reviewed by our team of Mentors and Teachers, which guarantees their quality and usefulness for entrepreneurs. But that's not all, on WikiTips, You can also contribute your own knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur. If you have any tips or tools that you think might be useful for other entrepreneurs, you can create your own WikiTip and share it with the community. So, if you are looking for a complete and quality tool to help you on your way as an entrepreneur, WikiTips is the perfect choice for you.

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Welcome to mentorDay WikiTIPS!

Are you looking for solutions and tips for entrepreneurs? Do you want to learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, mentors and specialists? Then WikiTIPS is the perfect tool for you!

WikiTIPS is a dynamic and orderly knowledge map of entrepreneurship that has been developed by mentorDay. With the help of more than 2,500 entrepreneurs and 900 expert volunteer contributors, we have managed to organise the knowledge scattered across so many brains, harnessing the best of Google, Wikipedia and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You no longer have to spend hours searching for solutions on Google. With WikiTIPS, you'll quickly find the answers you need, all in one tool. What's more, you will be able to learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs and specialists in different areas, and have access to advice and practical solutions to solve your doubts about entrepreneurship. Thanks to the collaboration of our community of experts and entrepreneurs, WikiTIPS is a living and constantly evolving tool!!!

Join our community and help us to continue sharing knowledge for the success of your business project!


Since Google has been in our lives, we have become accustomed to using the giant search engine for all kinds of day-to-day queries. But when it comes to doubts about entrepreneurship, the solution is not usually found in Google, the knowledge is scattered in the brains of mentors, experts, specialists, technicians, entrepreneurs, businessmen... in other words, knowledge about entrepreneurship is not stored in computers or hard disks, but in the brains of all those who have already been involved in entrepreneurship at some time.

mentorDay has developed a solution to organise those experiences and advice scattered in so many brains by creating a dynamic and ordered map of knowledge of entrepreneurship, taking advantage of the benefits of the tool (wikipedia + google + Artificial Intelligence wiki deep learning), and after many years of work we have achieved it, with the help of the more than 2,500 entrepreneurs served and the 500 volunteer expert collaborators.

So: thank you all very much!!!

The knowledge to create companies was scattered in many brains; entrepreneurs, businessmen, mentors, experts, specialists, technicians... until WikiTIPS has managed to organise it by taking advantage of the best of Google, Wikipedia and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all in a single tool.



Do you want to boost your business? By asking on wikiTIPS you can access the TIPS elaborated by the best experts in each of the most important topics and specialities to accelerate projects. If we don't have the right answer at the moment, we look for an expert within the community of wise people who can answer in the shortest possible time.


Are you an organisation or entity that helps entrepreneurs? Share the WikiTIPS on your website so that all your entrepreneurs can solve all their doubts and make free consultations they need, mentorDay, collaborates free of charge with all public and private organizations that advise entrepreneurs such as accelerators, incubators, business angels, venture capital, chambers of commerce, municipalities, event organizers, training centres, coworking...

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Are you an expert or specialist in any subject? With WikiTIPS you have the opportunity to help many entrepreneurs by sharing your knowledge, creating your TIP or enriching others. Each TIP is created by its author, but can be enriched by more people. Many benefits await you. In each TIP you can contribute knowledge, links of interest, videos, audios, books... and we reserve the right to filter or modify the content before publishing it! People who wish to create a TIP with practical content for entrepreneurs, must be previously accredited as experts by mentorDay (if you are interested apply here (+)).


WikiTIPS is a knowledge generator that is enriched every day by the responses of specialists and entrepreneurial contributors. The platform allows sharing experiences, knowledge and practical advice for entrepreneurs in different areas and stages of their entrepreneurial process. In this way, it manages to centralise and organise the knowledge dispersed in the minds of experts, entrepreneurs and business people, and to make it available to all those seeking information and guidance in their entrepreneurial process. WikiTIPS is an open platform (like Wikipedia), which collects, filters, sorts and selects the knowledge it receives. The mission of WikiTIPS is to receive questions (like chatGBT) and give the most applicable practical answer to each question. Take advantage of the knowledge organised in the Wikipedia that searches with AI and learns thanks to the knowledge community created. We are 900 experts (in the flesh) answering questions asked by entrepreneurs, the largest community of entrepreneurship sages accumulating and organising knowledge and practical advice!!!!

The more questions WikiTIPS receives, the more it learns. Each query triggers the AI system, searching for the right answer (like Google). The AI system learns from the most common needs and looks for the solution if it is in the database, but if it does not find it there (the 80% of knowledge is not on hard disks) it is able to predict which expert to ask with the data it has been collecting day by day. The idea is not to replace the human, it is to connect them. Each time it receives a new question, it uses AI (artificial intelligence) to search for the right answer and if it does not find it, it selects the right expert to create a new TIP that is available on the wikiTIPS for all entrepreneurs. Another form of learning are the trainings we offer every month to entrepreneurs all over the world which also allow us to feed the WikiTIPSThis is the robot behind this platform that allows mentorDay to find out what entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, business people... know.

"We wanted to find out what people knew and didn't know about entrepreneurship and the result has been amazing, we are getting hundreds of tips, creating TIPs on the most important topics. Every day we receive new contributions that provide vital knowledge for entrepreneurs".

Currently WikiTIPS is like a teenager who is learning a lot of things, but still has a long way to go, increasing his knowledge with the use of the application.

Knowledge is the only good that multiplies when it is shared.

In addition, WikiTIPS is not only a reference tool for entrepreneurs, but also an opportunity for experts and professionals from the business world to share their knowledge and experiences with the entrepreneurial community. In this way, networking and collaboration between entrepreneurs and experts is encouraged, which can generate new business opportunities and joint learning. Knowledge is a resource that multiplies when it is shared, as sharing it with others can enrich it with new perspectives and experiences. In the context of entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge and experiences is particularly valuable, as it can help other entrepreneurs avoid mistakes and find creative solutions to the challenges they face. Moreover, by sharing knowledge, a culture of collaboration and mutual support can be fostered between entrepreneurs and other professionals. WikiTIPS is a dynamic and constantly evolving tool, which adapts to the needs and demands of entrepreneurs and experts. It is also backed by the accumulated experience and knowledge of more than 2,500 entrepreneurs served and 500 expert volunteer collaborators in the MentorDay business acceleration programme.

In short, WikiTIPS is an innovative and valuable tool for entrepreneurs and business professionals who are looking for answers and solutions to their doubts and problems, and who value shared knowledge and experience. With WikiTIPS, knowledge about entrepreneurship is no longer scattered in so many brains, but is organised and accessible to all.


With every question you ask WikiTIPS, you will find tips prepared by the best expert in each speciality. These tips, which we call TIPs, take the form of practical explanations that can be applied in the company. If we don't have the answer at the moment, we look for the right expert to prepare a TIP in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the enquiries received on WikiTIPS (over 30,000 per month) and the daily coaching of entrepreneurs, mentorDay is perfecting the dynamic knowledge map for entrepreneurship, accumulating TIPs that answer the most frequently asked questions.

  1. Business development. Model. Strategy and management.
  2. Technological innovation.
  3. Visibility, marketing and sales.
  4. Financing.
  5. Advisors, consultants.
  6. Internationalisation.
  7. Personal development, entrepreneurial skills.
  8. Sites and location.

In each TIP you will also find contributions, advice, links of interest, articles, books, videos, audios, contributed by other entrepreneurs, business people, experts... who enrich the contents with their own experiences and knowledge. To take advantage of all aid (see+) we offer at mentorDay we recommend you to sign up (click here) so that we can recommend the programme that can help you the most.