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Growth loans


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Growth loans are loans designed to boost the growth of late-stage start-ups by providing them with the financial support they need to expand their operations and reach new international markets. These loans are intended to support high-growth companies in their scaling process, allowing them to improve their product, expand their operational capacity or acquire machinery, among other needs.

Growth loans differ from traditional loans in that they are specifically designed to meet the needs of growing start-ups and are tailored to their unique business profile. These loans are often backed by financial institutions or entrepreneurship support programmes that understand the particularities and challenges startups face in their growth process.

One of the key benefits of growth loans

They are designed to support startups in their international expansion into new markets. By providing funding, they enable startups to implement growth strategies and establish themselves in foreign markets, which in turn contributes to increasing their competitiveness and business opportunities.

It is important to note that growth loans are not only limited to providing funding, but can also be linked to programmes or business advice that help startups optimise their growth. These loans are often accompanied by additional resources, such as mentoring, networking and access to key industry contacts, providing comprehensive support for the startup's growth.

Growth loans are a financing option aimed at startups in advanced stages of growth. These loans are designed to support the international expansion and scaling of startups, providing them with the financial resources they need to reach new markets and continue to grow in their industry.

Growth loans are a form of financing that allows companies to scale and expand their operations by providing them with the resources necessary to fuel their growth.

Here are some practical examples of growth loans:

  1. BBVA Spark: offers a comprehensive financing solution through growth loans, which enable companies to scale up and expand their operations into new markets. These loans are designed to provide the financial support needed in advanced stages of business growth.
  2. Render Capital: developed the Growth Loan, a character-based loan that provides up to $35,000 to small business owners. This loan aims to support the growth of small businesses, especially those that have historically been excluded from traditional financing systems.

These are just examples of growth loans that provide financial support to companies in their scaling and growth process. It is important to note that each financial institution may have its own specific programmes and requirements for accessing these loans. It is recommended to contact the financial institutions mentioned above directly for detailed information on their growth loan programmes.

Remember that growth loans are a financing tool designed to boost business growth by offering financial resources to expand operations, improve products or enter new markets. Ofrecen various advantages and disadvantages for companies seeking finance for growth.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of growth loans:


  1. Support for growth: Growth loans are specifically designed for companies with mature businesses and high growth prospects. They provide the financial resources needed to drive the expansion of operations, enter new markets and improve the profitability of the business.
  2. Flexibility in the use of funds: Growth loans provide flexibility in the use of funds. Companies can use the funding for a variety of purposes, such as asset investments, infrastructure expansion, staff recruitment, product or service development, among others.
  3. Competitive term options and interest rates: Growth loans often offer flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates. This allows companies to tailor the loan to their financial needs and keep financing costs manageable.


  1. Requirements and eligibility: Obtaining a growth loan may involve meeting certain requirements and eligibility criteria, such as having a strong credit history, demonstrating business viability and presenting a sound growth plan. Companies that do not meet these requirements may find it difficult to access this type of financing.
  2. Financial risk: As with any form of financing, growth loans carry a certain level of financial risk. Companies should ensure that they properly assess their ability to repay and ensure that the revenue generated by the growth of the business is sufficient to cover the loan repayments.
  3. Long-term financial commitment: Growth loans generally involve a long-term financial commitment, meaning that businesses will be repaying the loan over an extended period of time. This can affect long-term financial flexibility and require adequate planning to ensure that the business can meet the repayments.

It is important to note that the advantages and disadvantages may vary depending on the financial institution and the specific growth loan programme. It is recommended to research and compare different options before making a financing decision.

Remember that growth loans are a financial tool that can support business growth, but it is essential to carefully assess the advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs and objectives of each business. Applying for a growth loan may vary depending on the financial institution or platform offering this type of loan.


  1. Investigate the options available: Carry out exhaustive research to identify the financial institutions or platforms that offer growth loans in Spain. You can use online tools, consult financial experts or seek recommendations from other entrepreneurs.
  2. Gather the necessary documentation: Prepare the required documents for the growth loan application. These may include financial information about your company, such as financial statements, cash flow, growth projections, credit history, applicant's personal information, among others.
  3. Assess the requirements and conditions: Read carefully the requirements and conditions established by the financial institution or platform to apply for the growth loan. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria, such as having a growing business, solid credit history, among others.
  4. Prepare a sound business plan: Develop a business plan that clearly shows your objectives, growth strategies, the intended use of the loan and how you plan to generate income to repay the loan. A solid plan will increase your chances of getting a growth loan.
  5. Submit the application: Complete the application form provided by the financial institution or platform. Make sure you provide accurate and truthful information.
  6. Provide the required documents: Attach the necessary documents to support your application. Be sure to include all requested documents and keep copies of them for your records.
  7. Wait for the answer: Once you have submitted your application, you will need to wait for a response from the financial institution or platform. The response time may vary, so it is advisable to be attentive to communications and follow up on any additional requests for information.
  8. Evaluation and approval: The financial institution or platform will assess your application and determine whether you meet the criteria to receive the growth loan. If approved, you will be provided with details of the loan amount, interest rates, repayment terms and other terms and conditions.

It is important to note that each financial institution or platform may have specific processes and requirements for applying for a growth loan. It is recommended to thoroughly research and compare the available options before applying. In addition, it is essential to read and understand the terms and conditions of the loan before committing to any financial agreement.




Startup XYZ is a technology company that has experienced significant growth in recent years. In order to expand its operations and take advantage of new market opportunities, the company decides to seek additional funding through a growth loan.

The company submits an application for a growth loan to a financial institution that offers this type of financing for growing companies. In the application, Startup XYZ highlights its growth track record, its solid business model and its strategic plans for the future.

In assessing the application, the financial institution is interested in supporting the growth of Startup XYZ due to its scalability potential and its positive projection in the market. As a result, an agreement is reached to provide a growth loan of €100,000 to Startup XYZ.

With the growth loan funds, Startup XYZ implements an expansion strategy that includes hiring additional talent, developing new product features, expanding into new markets and investing in marketing and sales activities.

As Startup XYZ implements its growth plan, it begins to experience an increase in demand for its products and services. The additional funding allows them to accelerate their growth and capture new business opportunities.

Thanks to the growth loan and its strategic approach, Startup XYZ achieves significant growth in a short period of time. Its revenues increase, its customer base expands and its market position strengthens.

In short, Startup XYZ leverages a growth loan to accelerate its business, financing its expansion and capitalising on new market opportunities. This example illustrates how a growth loan can provide the financial boost needed for a startup to reach its full growth potential.





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