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Group mentoring for entrepreneurs


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Group mentoring at mentorDay: a collaborative approach

Welcome to group mentoring, an innovative dynamic in the acceleration programme that seeks to enhance collective wisdom and foster collaborative learning among entrepreneurs.

  1. Your Role as rapporteur (see+): As the expert advisor guiding this session, your main role is that of facilitator. The temptation to offer direct solutions to the entrepreneurs' doubts may be great because of your experience and knowledge. However, it is essential that you understand and assume that your role is not to give answers, but rather to ask questions that lead the other participants to reflect and provide the appropriate solutions for each case.
  2. Session dynamics: each entrepreneur has 3 minutes to present his/her plan to the others. After these 3 minutes, the entrepreneur has to activate his or her active listening (ver+). This means being fully present, absorbing the feedback (see+) and resist the urge to defend or justify their plan.
  3. Socratic Method (see+): instead of giving direct feedback, use the Socratic method. Ask questions that encourage reflection and dialogue among participants. For example, instead of saying "I think your marketing strategy could be improved", you could ask "What do others think about the marketing strategy presented?
  4. Avoid the Direct Solution: It is a common mistake for many speakers to feel the need to "save" or "correct" every draft. Even if your intention is genuine, you must resist this urge. The real value of this session lies in allowing the entrepreneurs themselves to feed back to each other, generating a wealth of perspectives and solutions.
  5. Empowerment of participants: foster an environment where each entrepreneur feels empowered to share feedback. Remind them that their perspective is unique and valuable. It's not just about receiving advice, but also about offering it.

By following these principles, we ensure that each group mentoring session is an enriching space where entrepreneurs not only get feedback on their projects, but also develop critical listening, reflection and collaboration skills.

Group mentoring for entrepreneurs

Group mentoring is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and advice from experts in their field. It consists of bringing together a group of entrepreneurs and assigning them a mentor or mentors who can guide them through their business creation process. Rather than working individually with each entrepreneur, the mentor works with the group in regular mentoring sessions, providing advice and feedback on topics such as business strategy, marketing, finance and team management.

Group mentoring has several advantages for entrepreneurs, such as access to a support network and the opportunity to learn from the challenges and experiences of other entrepreneurs. It also allows them to receive different perspectives and approaches to address business challenges. mentorDay has developed a group mentoring programme that is based on the experience of the mentors and the interaction between the entrepreneurs in the group. The programme focuses on helping entrepreneurs identify and overcome the obstacles they face in the creation and development of their business. In addition, the programme includes workshops and networking events to help entrepreneurs connect with other professionals and companies in the sector.


  1. Diversity of perspectives: By being in a mentoring group, the entrepreneur can have access to different points of view and approaches, allowing him/her to make more informed decisions.
  2. Time and cost savings: by sharing mentoring sessions with other entrepreneurs, the costs and time associated with individual sessions can be reduced.
  3. Networking: group mentoring offers the opportunity to meet and establish relationships with other entrepreneurs, which can lead to collaborations and business opportunities in the future.
  4. Emotional support: entrepreneurs can find support and motivation in a group of mentors, which helps them to overcome common challenges and obstacles in the process of setting up a business.
  5. Constant feedback: By receiving regular feedback from a group of mentors, the entrepreneur can continuously adjust and improve his or her business plan and strategies.

In a nutshell, Group mentoring is an excellent way to harness the collective wisdom of a group of mentors to support the growth and development of a company.






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