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Remote worker


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A remote worker is someone who works from anywhere, whether from home, a coffee shop, a coworking centre, etc., using information and communication technologies (ICT) to carry out their work remotely. In other words, it is an employee who does not have to be physically present in the office or at a specific location to perform his or her work.

This mode of working has grown in popularity in recent years, as it allows for greater flexibility and adaptability to the needs of workers and companies. Like digital nomads, remote workers can have a better quality of life and greater freedom to organise their time.

However, unlike digital nomads, remote workers tend to work more stably in a fixed location and do not have the same geographical mobility. In addition, remote workers may have more fixed working hours and be subject to the supervision and direction of their employers on a more regular basis.

Entrepreneurship as a remote worker

Entrepreneurship as a remote worker is a form of entrepreneurship that has become increasingly popular in recent years. A remote worker is a person who works from anywhere and has no fixed location. They can work from home, coffee shops, libraries or anywhere that has an internet connection.

Here are some steps to get started as a remote worker:

  1. Identify a need or a market niche: As with any other type of entrepreneurship, it is important to identify a need or a niche market where you can offer your services.
  2. Identify your skills and strengths: You must identify your skills and strengths in order to deliver quality services to your clients. As a remote worker, you must be able to work autonomously and have effective communication skills.
  3. Create an online presence: It is important to have an online presence to be able to offer your services through the Internet. Create a website or a social media page to promote your services and to make it easy for potential clients to find you.
  4. Establish a network of contacts: It is important to network in order to get new clients and projects. Participate in online groups, attend online events and attend in-person events to meet other professionals in your field.
  5. Establish a work plan: As a remote worker, you must establish a work schedule that allows you to be productive and meet deadlines. You must be disciplined and have a work schedule in order to balance your personal and professional life.

Entrepreneurship as a remote worker can be an exciting and rewarding way to build your career. If you like the idea of working from anywhere and are able to work autonomously, this may be the right option for you.

Success stories of entrepreneurs as remote workers


  1. Matt Mullenweg: He is the founder of Automattic, the company behind WordPress. He started his career as a web developer and, in 2005, founded Automattic as a remote working company. Today, the company has more than 1,300 employees worldwide and is valued at more than $1 billion.
  2. Andrew Warner: He is the founder of Mixergy, an online interview platform with successful entrepreneurs. He started his career as a remote worker after being laid off from his job as a programmer. He harnessed his ability to connect with people and started interviewing other entrepreneurs to learn from them and share his experiences. Today, Mixergy is a very successful and profitable platform.
  3. Daphne Koller: She is the founder of Coursera, an online education platform that offers free courses from some of the world's top universities. She began her career as a university professor and then decided to use her experience to create Coursera as a remote work company. Today, the company has more than 600 employees and has reached millions of students around the world.
  4. Justin Cooke: He is the co-founder of Empire Flippers, a company that helps people buy and sell profitable websites. He began his career as a remote worker after graduating from university and has worked as a marketing consultant and web developer for several companies. Today, Empire Flippers is a successful and profitable company that operates completely remotely.
  5. Katie Bouwkamp: She is the founder of The Homebody Society, a company that creates personalised paper and home products. She started her career as a graphic designer and worked for several companies before deciding to launch her own business as a remote worker. Today, her company is very successful and has reached customers all over the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote workers


  1. Flexibility: Remote workers have more flexibility in terms of time and location, allowing them to adapt their work to their personal needs.
  2. Saving time and money: By not having to commute to the office, remote workers can save time and money on transport and meals away from home.
  3. Better work-life balance: By having more control over their schedules, remote workers can find a better work-life balance.
  4. Increased productivity: By working from home or a more convenient location, many remote workers feel more productive and motivated.
  5. Expansion of job opportunities: Remote workers can work for companies all over the world without being limited by their geographical location.
  1. Lack of social interaction: Working from home can lead to feelings of isolation and lack of social interaction with co-workers.
  2. Communication problems: Communication with colleagues and bosses can be more difficult in a remote environment, especially when working in different time zones.
  3. Dependence on technology: Remote workers need a good internet connection and digital tools to do their work, which can be a disadvantage in case of technical problems or service interruptions.
  4. Difficulties in separating work and personal life: When working from home, it can be difficult to separate work and personal life and to switch off properly.
  5. Lack of supervision: By not being physically in the office, there may be a lack of supervision and monitoring of remote workers.

In general, the Remote workers can be a good option for those who value flexibility and independence in their work, but also requires special organisational and communication skills to succeed in this type of work.






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