Conscious listening is necessary to sell well it is necessary to communicate well. To communicate well, the basics are listening skills. We have been taught to talk, but we have not been taught to listen. Today we are going to learn how to listen, and how this "new way of listening" will make you make a quantum leap in your sales. Will you join me?

"We have two ears and one mouth: to hear twice as much as we speak." -Epictetus, Greek philosopher, 55 A.D.

Listen to NOT ES...

Remaining silent while the other person is talking, and at the same time, you are thinking about something else (a customer you forgot to call, a bill you forgot to pay or a personal matter such as buying milk for breakfast).

Listening requires your full attention to:

  • Firstly, what the other says, and what he or she does not say.
  • On the other hand, how you say it (high/low voice, fast/slow speed, tone of voice).
  • And finally, how your body is (open/closed; tense/relaxed).

Listening IS NOT either...

Remaining silent while the other person speaks, but be thinking about your response and what you are going to say.

Listening requires silencing our internal dialogue

Therefore, just as a full glass cannot hold any more water, our brain, if it is occupied with our own words and thoughts, leaves no room for what the other person is telling us. It is about "EMPTYING" YOUR MIND in order to "FILL IT" WITH WHAT THE OTHER PERSON is telling you.




  • Understand what is wrong with the other person, what they need (is it my customer profile?): we cannot sell "to everyone".
  • On the other hand, you will find the right questions for the person to see the value of your service/product for what they need (This is what I want/need!!!): people like to buy, not be sold to.

Corollary: tell you that listening applied in any type of communication will make you see things differently. I encourage you to practice it with your family, partner, friends... and see the difference.

Ana Pazo: who am I?


Expert in applied communication, emotional intelligence, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and coaching.

Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Vigo.


Project management in several multinationals for 16 years. Responsible for the quality of strategic projects. Head of R&D on Big Data projects related to user behaviour.
Speaker at the University in the Orange Research Chair. National Directorate of Network Deployment Projects. Brand ambassador.
Participation in Radio and TV (Cordoba International TV, Radio Ya).

Participation in Radio and TV (Cordoba International TV, Radio Ya).


I am dedicated to coaching, mentoring and consulting for companies and entrepreneurs.
In addition, I have a personal "Women's Leadership" project to empower businesswomen, entrepreneurs and professional women with a 100% success rate (at least for the time being).
Finally, I help people who are unclear about their future, or dissatisfied with their life, through the "self-leadership" programme, to understand where they are today, where they see themselves in the future, and to find a way to get there.

And now that you have learned what Conscious Listening is, from MentorDay we thank you for valuing the tip.


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