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SEM is the use of tools and strategies that allow us to help to optimise visibility and increase accessibility of websites and web pages thanks to search engines.

One of the most popular strategies being implemented within the SEM is the paid search engine advertising. Using different tools, such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Yahoo Search Marketing, search engines allow us to insert advertising that will appear when a user performs a search related to our product or service.

SEM is not just that, but it is one of its most important parts. That's why often when we think of SEM, we think of paid advertising on search engines.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEM

Advantages of the SEM:

  • Gives you the possibilities when segmenting. By using the right tools, you can make your ads reach only those people who are really interested in your products or services. The first level of targeting is achieved with keywords. Choosing well which keywords If we are going to use it in our campaign, we will be targeting the audience that our ads reach, so that only those people who are actively looking for something related to what we offer will come across our ads.
  • Lets you choose when to appear. We can target by the day and time we think our ad will have the best results.
  • Lets you choose where to appear. The possibilities for geographic targeting are almost endless: by country, city, region, ratio around a specific point, coordinates... We can also allocate more or less budget to the locations we are most interested in. We can also define whether the ads should be shown to those people who are in the target location or to those who make a related search even if they are in another place.
  • Per device. We can choose on which devices we want to have more presence or if we want to eliminate any of them from our campaign. In other words, it allows us to be shown to a greater or lesser extent on mobiles, tablets and computers.
  • It allows you to measure. Any SEM tool is prepared to obtain an immense amount of data from each campaign to help advertisers measure their results and optimise their strategies. From the number of people who see our ad, to the processes that a user has followed since they have clicked and bought, everything is collected by the tool waiting to be analysed.
  • It allows you to test. An SEO strategy must be well thought out before carrying it out, because afterwards it is difficult to change. On the other hand, one of the advantages of SEM is that positioning depends on the investment we are willing to make. This allows us to test and test those keywords and ads that are working best.

Disadvantages of SEM:

  • System is complex. Search engine advertising tools work on a bidding system: different advertisers bid on the same keywords to appear the highest in the search results. The problem is that search engines do not only take this factor into account. The quality level of the keywords, the CTR, the competition, the budget of the campaign... all this is linked to the bids to determine in which position an ad will appear. That's why you need to understand very well how these systems work and know how to take advantage of all the benefits they offer.
  • Making an investment. For an SEM campaign to work, you have to know how to play very well with the budget. The tools work through a system in which we indicate how much we want to invest and that becomes the maximum of the campaign. If we do not optimise the campaign, the most likely outcome is that this budget will be exhausted in the first hours of the day without our ads having really reached an interested audience.
  • It requires time and study. To be able to handle the tool and all the factors that come into play in an SEM campaign.




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