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B2B (business to business) refers to business to business. economic transactions or relations between companies. Business to business.

By putting some of these strategies into practice you will be able to improve your marketing B2B

  1.  Reinforce your company's corporate image.
  2.  Maximise your online presence.
  3.  Work your email marketing.
  4.  Create a good database to which you can send personalised information.

Business to Business (B2B) sales can be very different from sales to private customers. Instead of dealing with a single individual, the entrepreneur is dealing with an entire organisation, which may have multiple purchasing decisions and a longer decision-making process.

Here are some steps to develop an effective sales strategy for B2B companies:

  1. Identify the target market: the entrepreneur must research and understand the needs and challenges of the target market and how his or her product or service can solve them.
  2. Create a prospect list: From the target market, a list of prospects should be created, selecting the companies with the highest buying potential.
  3. Establishing contacts: Once you have a list of prospects, you need to establish contacts with the key people within those companies who can make purchasing decisions.
  4. Understand the buying process: It is important to understand how the buying process works in the target company. Who are the decision-makers? What factors influence the buying decision?
  5. Create a convincing sales pitch: the entrepreneur must be prepared to present a clear and convincing solution that solves the target customer's problems.
  6. Constant monitoring: the sales process in B2B companies can be longer, so it is important to constantly follow up with prospects and keep in touch.
  7. Establish long-term relationships: Long-term relationships are essential for success in B2B sales. The entrepreneur must be willing to invest time and effort to build strong and lasting relationships with his customers.

The sales strategy for B2B companies should focus on understanding the needs of the target market, building strong relationships with decision-makers, presenting a clear and compelling solution, and maintaining consistent follow-up to ensure long-term business relationships.

Practical examples of B2B sales

Here are some practical examples of B2B sales:

  1. Sale of business software: Companies that sell enterprise software typically focus on selling complete solutions to meet the specific needs of business customers. These solutions may include management software applications, data analytics, IT security software, among others.
  2. Business consultancy services: Companies offering business consulting services help companies improve their operations and increase their efficiency. These services may include business process analysis, marketing strategies, financial advice, among others.
  3. Sale of production equipment: Companies that sell production equipment to other companies usually focus on selling specialised machinery and equipment for specific sectors, such as construction, mining, agriculture, among others.
  4. Outsourcing services: Companies offering outsourcing services, such as human resources outsourcing, accounting and finance outsourcing, information technology outsourcing, among others, tend to focus on selling customised solutions for each client.
  5. Sale of raw materials: Companies that sell raw materials to other companies, such as metals, chemicals, construction materials, etc., tend to focus on selling large quantities at competitive prices.

Success stories of companies using b2b sales

Here are some success stories of companies that have used B2B sales strategies:

  1. Microsoft: The company has been a leader in the enterprise software market for decades and has managed to stay on top thanks to its B2B sales efforts. Microsoft focuses on selling software solutions to businesses and organisations around the world, offering customised packages and competitive pricing.
  2. IBM: The company has used the B2B approach to sell business and technology services to corporate clients around the world. IBM has demonstrated impressive sales skills, thanks to its focus on building strong relationships with its clients, and customising solutions according to each company's needs.
  3. Oracle: The company has used B2B sales strategies successfully by focusing on selling enterprise software and services. Oracle has been able to build strong relationships with companies around the world, and has been able to offer customised solutions to meet each customer's needs.
  4. Salesforce: This company has been a leader in the cloud-based enterprise software market, using B2B sales strategies to sell software solutions and customer management services to companies around the world. Salesforce has managed to maintain its position in the market thanks to its focus on customising solutions according to each customer's needs.
  5. General Electric: GE has used B2B sales strategies to sell a wide variety of business products and services around the world, from jet engines to renewable energy systems. The company has been able to stay at the top thanks to its focus on customising solutions to meet each customer's needs and its commitment to continuous innovation.

These are just a few examples of companies that have used B2B sales strategies successfully. Each has found ways to customise their solutions and services to meet the specific needs of their business customers and have developed strong relationships to stay at the top of the market.

What kind of sales strategy tends to work in B2B sales?

In B2B sales, a consultative selling strategy often works. This strategy focuses on understanding the customer's specific needs and offering customised solutions that meet those needs. Salespeople must be experts in the product or service they are selling and be prepared to answer technical and detailed questions. The consultative selling strategy also involves establishing a trusting and collaborative relationship with the customer, working together to find the best possible solution. In addition, it is important to focus on the quality and value of the product or service, rather than its price.

Case study for an entrepreneur to apply B2b sales in his start-up company

Juan is an entrepreneur who has created a construction project management software company. His software is innovative and has received very good feedback from users. However, has had difficulties in acquiring customers due to competition in the market. Juan decides to focus on B2B sales, i.e. selling his software directly to companies in the construction sector. To do this, Juan conducts a market analysis and focuses on companies that have construction projects of a certain size. He starts researching which companies are the largest and have the most projects underway. Once he has a list of potential clients, he focuses on establishing contact with the decision-makers of these companies.

Juan realises that B2B selling is a long process and requires patience and persistence. Therefore, he takes the time to establish a relationship with each potential customer and understand their needs and goals. In addition, he offers demonstrations of his software and provides informative materials so that potential customers can understand how his software can help them improve their project management processes.

Finally, Juan manages to close deals with several important companies in the construction sector. To maintain the relationship with his clients, he offers a technical support service and personalised attention so that clients feel that they have an ally in their company. This has led to his company's sustained growth in the market and a positive reputation among his clients.





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