Preacceleration Program



The organizer of this program is mentorDay, the first impact accelerator in Spain, which has already managed to promote many companies around the world, with over 20 years of experience.

MentorDay is a non-profit, private and independent association formed by more than 800 entrepreneurs and volunteers who collaborate helping entrepreneurs as mentors, experts, financial advisors, investors….



The mentorDay online Pre-Acceleration program has been designed and improved for over 20 years to help people who are 100% committed to their projects and with the goal of starting their businesses.

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Languages: Spanish, English or French

We group the registrants according to the degree of progress of their projects and their needs:

  • Entrepreneurs are dedicated to promoting a viable project that creates employment.
  • Innovative startups that need investors.
  • Companies affected by COVID that need reactivation.
  • Companies in the internationalization phase that want to grow in Europe’s market.

We personalize our content adapting to the circumstances of each participant. Our methodology is the product of over 20 years of experience promoting successful business projects around the world.



During the program, you will have many benefits that will be extended to you as you earn evaluation points with your effort.

Only those who reach the first positions of the evaluation ranking will be able to obtain all the benefits of the mentorDay community:

  • 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ ACCELERATE and ACTIVATE my company
  • 💸 FINANCING. Access to all sources (grants, loans, crowdfunding …)
  • 🤝 PARTNERS. Business Angels, funds, investors
  • 👩‍🏫 CONTACTS. Networking with other companies, entrepreneurs
  • 🔗 INTERNATIONALIZATION and boost your growth in Europe and / or Africa with all the aid
  • 👨‍🏫 TRAINING. daily microlearning + access to e-learning platform + webinars
  • 📅 STRATEGY. Adapting your business model
  •  📢 VISIBILITY of the company in the media.
  • 📜 ACCREDITATION by Blockchain to enter the mentorDay Community




This pre-acceleration program is free for entrepreneurs, thanks to the funding provided by our collaborators and sponsors: DYRECTO, ENDESA, JP MORGAN and various Public Administrations.

To participate you must follow the following steps:

SIGN UP. Provide your contact information and tell us what kind of help you need. To access the scholarships you must use one of the personalized inscriptions that we provide to our collaborators.

General registration (Spanish):

Link (French):

Link (English):

KNOW YOURSELF. We will send you an email with a questionnaire to know all your current needs

RECOMMEND YOURSELF. Identify at least 6 people (experts, mentors, entrepreneurs …) present your project to them and let them know that we are going to send them an email with a questionnaire in which we will ask them why they think you should carry out the acceleration program. The more recommendations you get, the higher you will rank.

DAILY TIPS: Start training from the first moment with the readings that we will send you daily.

As soon as we are clear about your needs, we will prepare a personalized TIP itinerary that you will receive every day by email with a TIP so that you can practice every day. This will only take you 30 minutes a day at the time you choose!

Each TIP gives you practical advice to boost your business. Following the google sprint success methodology, the TIPs are grouped into sprints (model, feasibility, sales, financing, strategy, internationalization).




In this phase, your dedication will be approximately 4 hours a day, any time you choose.

We will send you a notice by email or whatsapp of acceptance of the place to participate in the program immediately. We will have a first 2-hour explanatory online session.

We will provide you with the access codes for your fully personalized e-learning platform based on your needs, which will be your means of connection and communication with your mentors, experts, contacts and all the other colleagues.

This week will be especially useful for you to consolidate what you have learned in the TIPs and apply it immediately in your project.

Each day of the week you will have to complete a sprint made up of different types of tasks:

  • TIPS, expert advice to apply in your project
  • QUIZ,  different tests to measure your level of understanding of the Tips you have read.
  • KEY QUESTIONS, you will write the reflections of your project. Each question will force you to look at your project from many different angles,
  • PRACTICE YOUR PITCH: you will share it, learning from other fellow participants and clarify your doubts in the forum.
  • PUBLISH AND SPREAD your work daily on your social networks,
  • THE CASE STUDIES and other gamified exercises will help you put what you have learned into practice by applying it to your own project. All tasks are performed on the mentorDay elearning platform, where you must follow up on tasks already completed and pending.
  • YOUR ASSESSMENT will depend on your performance in the tasks performed, your participation and the contributions you make to your colleagues. Punctuality is also important: The tasks that you do not do in the day, you can complete them the next day, but they will give you fewer points in your assessment.



In this second week the approximate dedication will also be 5 hours a day, any time you choose.

Each day of the week you must complete an action plan for your company (synthesis of the reflections made the previous week and improved with the feedback received).

Every day you will have to complete an action plan for your project in a “drive” document that you will have to share with other colleagues, and also in the internal forum, to receive advice on improvement and learn from other real cases:

MONDAY: Improve your company’s business model

TUESDAY: Make your Innovation plan (digitization, development, technology) and your economic viability plan (profitability, treasury)

WEDNESDAY: Make your Sales and Marketing Plan

THURSDAY: Make your Financing and Investment Plan

FRIDAY: Strategic Plan and improve personal skills

WEEKEND: Internationalization Plan.

To complete the plan for each day you will have many additional aids: Readings, examples of practical cases from real companies, expert advice, etc.

Carrying out these tasks will allow you to add more points to your ASSESSMENT and you will always be able to improve your position in the ranking and access more benefits. Remember that you will find your updated assessment on the platform.



This third week is only carried out exceptionally in those cases in which there is a firm collaboration agreement with an organization that sponsors the program.

Or when we have mentors in the region.




The program is completely ONLINE, remotely, and does not require travel.





Every month (except January and August), see the ones that are already planned.

The dates depend on the collaboration agreements reached by mentorDay with other organizations or centers dedicated to entrepreneurship.

Go to the entrepreneurship centers in your region and ask if they already have a collaboration agreement with mentorDay, in the event that your center is interested in being a mentorDay collaborator, you should express your interest by writing to this email

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